Trials and Tribulations of a VW Business

Here’s something interesting: a post by virtual world entrepreneur Anshe Chung over on the Second Life forum (Link):

This is no April fool joke. This is 100% serious.

The account Anshe Chung has been banned by Linden Lab. It no longer appear in FIND, I can not log on to it and I can not use it on the forums.

The reason given was “billing problems”.

However, Linden Lab is holding 63000 US$ they owe me and all my account balances are positive. I also have valid PayPal billing agreement.

The excuse used is obviously that my main account balance was negative for short time (about one day) after I was suddenly charged 25000 US$ at once for auction and tier. It only took me hours to transfer money to take care of 20000 US$ of this. At -4900 US$ I asked Linden Lab to use money from my second account “Anshee Chung”. On that account there is +13000 US$. This money was used by Linden Lab, but my account was still banned.

“Coincidently” this happen exactly when weekend start and nobody can be reached in the office. When trying contact support staff I am repeatedly refered to “call the office on monday” or “e-mail concierge”.

I have one flawless payment history of >500000 US$ with Linden Lab. In addition Linden Lab owes me 63000 US$.

What I expect from Linden Lab:

1. Unban my account ASAP

2. Public apology by Philip Linden

3. Explanation how Linden Lab plans to avoid such things to happen in the future and how they, in the future, will relate to their biggest customers and provide one safe business environment

What I will do:

1. I will continue provide one stable environment and best possible service to all existing customers under all circumstance

2. I will default on all unclaimed sim purchases and ask Linden Lab for immediate refund of all moneys paid for not yet claimed or delivered sims

3. I will only buy land or sims from Linden Lab again after Linden Lab establish one secure environment for its biggest investors

4. I will share my experiences, positive or negative, with the media.

Assuming this isn’t an April Fools joke, I don’t doubt things will be resolved. But it’s cautionary nonetheless.