ESC In Virtual Worlds

Found an interesting article over on C|NET concerning a company with which I’m familiar, and whose employees I know through my time in Second Life. The piece, “‘Second Life’ dreams of Electric Sheep” (Link) is – you guessed it – mostly about the Electric Sheep Company. I’d explain what they do, but the article does a good job of that. So for those interested in virtual world and real world commerce, it’s well worth the read. Here’s one exerpt:

“For me, the most interesting thing was that…much of our interactions (with Electric Sheep) took place in ‘Second Life,’ avatar to avatar,” said Johnson. “The social aspects of ‘Second Life’ were a very interesting part of the project for me because a lot of this took place in that world, even though it was a real-world contract between two companies.”

I expect we’ll be hearing more and more about companies doing business inside virtual worlds. This is just the tip of an iceberg that includes stuff like UGS’s PLM software (about which I recently wrote – reLink).