Back To The Concept Future


I get a kick out of seeing “new” products that I’ve either seen concepts of years ago or actually designed at some point in my career. The recent wrist-mounted computer is one such product (the new Eurotech concept – Link; my old concept – reLink). Now here’s another, the Magellan Roadmate navigation system which looks to me like my 2nd year ID student concept from 1992-93:


That’s some old design there. Back then the project was all about exploring the *amazing* new technology of CD’s! Well, it was new to our professors.

My suggestion that you could load navigational maps into this waterproof, handheld device and have a GPS-overlaid icon on a multimedia screen showing images and videos of, for example, harbor entrances and exits, got mostly blank stares. It wasn’t exactly the music CD player the profs expected.

I’ve just realized that I get a lot of blank stares. That would include my recent RadTag/blogject device, I suppose (I’m seeing a GPS trend here). For the longest time, I’ve had this really cool idea for a clock. Maybe I should try that instead.

via Engadget

{Top Image Copyright © 2005 Thales Navigation, Inc.; Bottom Image © 1992-2006 C. Sven Johnson}