Cinegame. Virtualmarket.

The MIT Technology Review website has a nice article, “Cinegames” (Link), discussing the ever-increasing realism in videogames. That’s really no surprise to me considering I watch those developments like a hawk. Even so, it’s a good article worth reading.

Meanwhile, now former-Sony Online Entertainment videogame guru, Raph Koster, has posted an entry, “Company-sanctioned RMT hits single-player games” (Link), discussing RMT (Real Money Trade) coming to a videogame on an XBox 360 near you. What’s most interesting to me are the comments. For some reason plenty of people seem to think consumers won’t spend a couple bucks for a virtual product. I think they’re wrong. I think the ones making those comments are mostly old-time gamers used to getting free mods. I also think that they’ve not been watching the mod community wither under the weight of increasingly realistic games. I’ve discussed that issue before, so I won’t go into it again now. Let’s just wait and see what happens.