Assemble Your Athlete

I’ve mentioned 1st Avenue Machines before (reLink), and now – courtesy of an entry over on BrandNoise (Link) – comes word of their amazing work for Adidas. At least I assume it’s their work. Highend3D is reporting (Link) that it’s the work of METAphrenie. Maybe it’s both. And maybe there are a few freelancers out there that actually subcontracted the work and are bound by contract to remain silent. It happens.

Now, after you watch that uberkewl video, stop to notice what it is they’re advertising: a customizable shoe. Not new, but I think in this case it’s worth mentioning.

The +F50 TUNIT doesn’t really offer that much in the way of customization – a few interchangeable parts. However, while the Nike iD shoes don’t seem to get much attention in the mainstream (and hence the customization concept remains relatively unknown), these commercials may be the vehicle by which the idea of truly customizable mass-produced product registers with the masses. We’ll see. It’s more than just getting the idea across; it’s getting past the TiVo.

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