Long Tailor

I caught a link to Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail” blog via Core today. While I should have figured there was a blog (and apparently a book in the making, which I’d probably heard about but had since forgotten), this was a welcome surprise. It’s also a good time to post a link to the article on Wired that made it much easier for me to explain to friends and family what I saw – see – coming down the road. That link got sent in countless emails! If you’ve not read that article, please do. It’s excellent, and the ramifications of what it discusses are broad and will affect everyone. Everyone.

I’d also like to mention another design website/blog that is mentioned over on Mr. Anderson’s site – it’s Dominic Muren’s IDFuel. I’ll admit I don’t visit it as much as I should, but I suspect that’s because he and I seem to think somewhat alike. Sometimes visiting his blog is like deja vu. However, since this blog is becoming more focused, if you have broader interests you might try Dominic’s blog.

Interesting how things stitch together. I keep running into the same names and people.