Visible (Almost Tangible) Network


This is kinda interesting. The Mixed Reality Lab has word of a project that starts to approach being less about augmented reality and more about what I keep calling transreality (though I’ve recently learned that may not be the best word). Well, let’s say it could be. The discussion is centered around augmented reality. Anyway, from the website (Link):

Free Network Visible Network is a project that combines different tools and processes to visualize, floating in the space, the interchanged information between users of a network. The people are able to experience in a new exciting way about how colorful virtual objects, representing the digital data, are flying around. These virtual objects will change their shape, size and color in relation with the different characteristics of the information that is circulating in the network.

There’s a video, but to be honest it’s not all that interesting imo; the images on the site look nicer. To be fair, I think this program has just kicked off. Which has me hoping that someone will get the idea to rip some 3D data and fab it. Now that would be a kick.

via information aesthetics

{Image Copyright © 2002 MXR – though I think that’s a mistaken date since the project claims to make use of the MXR Toolkit which was released in 2005 according to the site’s history}