Metaverse Roadmap Rest Areas

Raph Koster has posted an entry titled “Metaverse Roadmap roundup” (Link) containing bits and pieces from the conference; mostly excerpts. Worth a read to help get a sense of what was discussed. It’s currently the most recent in a series of posts covering the West Coast events.

What struck me most about this one post were Ethan Zuckerman’s comments (Link) regarding the Croquet demo. The response by those in attendence seems odd; as if a number of people weren’t aware of the project and its capabilities (or at least how it had progressed). The comments on Ethan’s site touch on this issue and are worth reading I think. The difficulties in promoting open source software appear to be an issue. I recently read that OpenOffice is launching a major effort to spur adoption. Weird to think free software requires a dedicated marketing effort. Something is most definitely missing from this equation.

{Update: For those who have not seen Croquet in action, there’s a video from last October that you can watch (Link). It’s well worth the time, imo.}

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, there has also been some good coverage over on Mark Wallace’s 3pointD weblog (Link). Readers might want to head over and read some entries there as well. If I find any other good entries, I’ll tack them on to this one.

-Added Links-

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