The PCD Lounge


When I read about this over on Wonderland (Link), I thought it might be a nice change to check out the cell-shaded look I had hoped to see in the videogame “Seed” (which I don’t even want to discuss). Last night I took some time to give the PCD Music Lounge (Link) a try and while the interface could use some work, the look of the micro-world was impressive. I was hoping the cell-shaded avatars wouldn’t look out of place against realistic textures used on the world geometry. And they don’t. Compare the above image to another one in an earlier post (reLink). It’s like… visual convergence.

One thought on “The PCD Lounge

  1. This is awesome feedback!

    I think this is a great idea and could expand further to other artists as well.

    Keep me updated on how you like the PCD lounge. I wrote about it here: {edit: Long Link to Christopher’s blog}

    Take care!

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