BioShockPunk Aesthetics


One of the nice things about improving computer graphics is the increasing variety of artistic directions I see in videogames. When polycounts and texture sizes were low, things had a basic similarity forced upon them. Add to that the fact that, as a new medium, the artistic talent in even the most popular games varied widely; many never even had formal training (not saying that’s good or bad; just pointing it out). That’s all changed. And I’m thoroughly enjoying what I see … which includes screenshots from Irrational Games forthcoming effort, “BioShock”. It’s not exactly steampunk, but it has that quality to it. Check out more images over on Next Level Gaming (Link).

{Image source: Next Level Gaming}

One thought on “BioShockPunk Aesthetics

  1. Given the chronology, I’m almost tempted to call this “bathyspunk”! It’s inspirational–lurve those glowy lights.

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