Late Adweek Mostly Correct

A bit late, but wanted to get something posted about an article in Adweek titled “Virtual Worlds Let Advertisers Mingle” (Link). It’s not a bad piece – mentioning the usual suspects and adding a couple of things of which I was unaware. Worth a read.

The usual suspects are of course Second Life coupled with both Wells Fargo for their “Stagecoach Island” effort (which I followed closely – reLink) and the BBC for their recent Radio 1 event (something I checked out but didn’t think worth a post since it was all over the net).

The article also mentions the PCD Lounge which I checked out a couple of weeks ago (reLink). Adweek clarifies that Interscope is behind the effort as I suspected. No real surprise since the Interscope logos inside the club (by the music listening stations) had me thinking they were, but other reports credit the band and not the label.

The big thing of which I was unaware was the Adidas “Impossible Team Online” effort (Link). I’ll need to find time to check that out. Plus, I like the comment associated with their mention:

“The challenge here is, if they’re interacting in less traditional ways, we have to evolve the ways we engage with consumers,” said Sabrina Cheung, an Adidas rep.

I do wish Adweek would have gotten the Wells Fargo parts correct though. There’s no mention of the move from Second Life to Active Worlds (reLink). That omission leads to some incorrect conclusions when reading the article. I seriously doubt that virtual birthday party Adweek mentions happened in SL. If it did, someone please correct me.