Watercrafty Fabrication


C|Net posted a gallery of robot submarines (Link) a few weeks back that, of course, got my attention. The above image was especially intriguing. Notice anything interesting about it? That nameplate on the side says “Stratasys”. That would be the name of the rapid-prototyping machine manufacturer Stratasys. Nice. I especially liked how the team used both RP and commonly-available materials to create their robot. Can hardly wait for the organic shapes to start finding their way into these kinds of projects. Seems like an amazing opportunity for universities to increasingly pair off Engineering students with ID students.

And while I’m on the subject of submarines, I happened across a post on collision detection (Link) about Swedish designer Milko Ozlu’s human-powered concept sub, the “U-Scull”. I vaguely recalled it and then found a link to the RCA Vehicle Design Show from 2004 (Link). Always great when an Industrial Designer fires up imaginations. Better yet when it happens twice.

{Image Credit: University of Central Florida}

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