Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Vacuum Pump

I’ve been remiss in keeping tabs on the good folks (and good posts) over on Vinyl Pulse. For that reason I wanted to go back to something that was brought to my attention by a post over on the Core77 design forum. The sculptor for the Angels and Gringos toy project started a thread to inform us of a “how-to” video over on Vinyl Pulse. I’ve just watched it. Fun stuff. But like the Itokin toy (reLink), I find it interesting that no one seems to pour mold material for their masters using a vacuum pump (that’s how you reduce bubbles in the negative which is what you use to create a positive master). From that thread:

The video is the “The Making of Sancho” – Sancho is a piece of vinyl art I will be releasing in November. The mold took me from the clay piece to the resin casting that would become my tooling master.

So if you have a few minutes, check out the Angels and Gringos entries on Vinyl Pulse (Link) and then maybe take a peek at the moldmaking video (QT Link). Air evacuation or not, it’s still interesting to see how the niche people are getting the job done. There certainly doesn’t seem to be a quality issue.