SensAble ClayTools


CGNetworks posted a short blurb announcing SensAble Technologies new ClayTools system for 3DS Max. And there appears to be a Rhino3D version as well as a prototype for Maya (so this is what they wanted me to test for them). Looks promising.

The ClayTools system v1.0 supports 3DS Max releases 6 and 7 and will retail for US$2,795. For more information head over to the SensAble website.

Growing Green Buildings (and the stuff inside)

The Economist has an excellent article discussing “green buildings”. For anyone who caught the popular television show Numb3rs last night (“Structural Corruption“), the article makes clear the developer’s jealous, vengeful office mistress was screwing him a third way – by cutting costs during construction, the building wouldn’t just collapse, it would cost him more money to maintain over the life of the building. Hell hath no fury….
For industrial designers (and anyone who didn’t watch that show) the article mentions some interesting things like computer-controlled blinds, LED exit signs, weather sensors and motion detectors. For software geeks there’s mention of Autodesk’s increased role in providing evaluation tools. There’s also mention of some free software called DOE-2 which might be useful for some of you.

And if you just like pretty pictures, the article includes this pic of “the Gherkin”. Funky.