Fast Company Feedback

I don’t visit the Fast Company website all that often, but recent discussion of the magazine’s coming end days got me visiting. Now I don’t know if this is any indication of their health, but it appears they’re still cranking out “New Features”. And under today’s heading is an article titled “Journey to ‘Serious Games’” which mostly discusses a virtual simulation I only recently became aware of via this post over on the SL Future Salon blog. What’s interesting about the game they discuss, The Journey to Wild Divine, is that it incorporates a bio-feedback device. Cool, huh?

Anyway, the article is a nice departure from most of the stuff out there and discusses alternative uses for vr technology. So of course I’ll drag it back to mass market tabloid stuff: anybody catch that looney design student with the Taser Tag thing? Think maybe the XBox 360 will incorporate a Remote Stun like that thing? No? Maybe there’ll be a hack posted on Make. Gibs just aren’t enough.