Socket Internet

And to think I was just wondering where the home connectivity was. According to news over on Wired, Matsushita has a new device that brings that connectivity at faster than ethernet speeds to the masses via the lowly electrical socket. From the Wired entry:

Attach a special device made by Matsushita to a socket and all you have to do is plug your TV or other gadgets into a socket for instant connection to broadband, which allows for faster transmission of online information than dial-up telephone connections.

Nice. And here’s the payoff:

Matsushita hopes to eventually sell refrigerators, TVs and other products with the chip already installed.

That’s great news. Well, for most of us anyway.

{via MIT AdLab}

3 thoughts on “Socket Internet

  1. I just saw your comment over on the Business Week article about Cyworld, and remembered that we were going to have a chat in SL sometime. Do you think there’s room for a social networking site like Cyworld in the US, or is it too proprietary? Since it’s really a walled garden, it surely wouldn’t appeal to early adopters. Or perhaps MySpace has already found the ultimate social model – with music as a major driver.

  2. Whether Cyworld would catch on in the U.S. i couldn’t really guess as i’ve not tried it myself. For early adopters (e.g. people who would read this blog) it may be unappealing. But iirc, Cyworld will be attempting to move into the North American market, so we’ll have our answer as to whether the broader market is interested soon enough, i suppose.

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