Eye For Architecture 2

Potsdamer Platz photo by Ana Luzia Raposo

I was doing some surfing earlier and while visiting the galleries on Archinect noticed some amazing photos by one Ana Luzia Raposo. The “Stairs at CCB, Lisbon” are wonderful images and got me to check out her online gallery where some shots of the Potsdamer Platz really caught my eye. One of them is above. As it turns out, I’ve been designing something kinda similar so this one seemed appropriate to post here as well to give you a taste. For some beautifully composed images, check out her galleries > link. Some people just have an eye.

{Note: This is a reposting of an earlier entry that was taken by the forum gremlins during an attempt to graft Ms. Raposo’s response from another entry into the appropriate entry; I’d already closed comments on the earlier version.}

{Image Copyright © 2005 Ana Luzia Raposo}

2 thoughts on “Eye For Architecture 2

  1. Thanks for your comment on my work. Really appreciated it.
    Sorry to put it here, it was the only place I could say something to you…

  2. Hope you don’t mind I moved your comment to the correct (more or less) entry. I should have left the original open a bit longer.

    But thanks again for making your pictures available. If you ever collect them in a book or calender, please drop me a note.

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