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I’m a little surprised I’ve not seen much mention of the new drink vending system announced by WaterWerkz. If you’ve not heard about it, check out the video on their website (Link), which also says the following:

The versatility of the Pouchlink system means that it can be utilised for a number of different packaging applications, offering cost-saving, space savings and environmental benefits.
Using tried and tested filling technologies, the system increases storage capacity and reduces the amount of labour and space involved in the handling and provision of packaged drinks and water based products.

During a competition that included a fair number of packaging ideas and discussions, I posted the following (Link to the Core77 forum thread):

Find it odd the discussion hasn’t gone further, tbh. I’d guess the machine we know is remnant of glass bottle requirements. Big and sturdy. Heavy. Dimensions set by glass bottle storage. Internal movements. And mechanicals. Betting aluminum cans kept same basic dimensions. Just new internal mechanicals. Update the beverage container. Not the delivery system. Limit corporate expense. No change to infrastructure support. Marketing only knows billboard message. All the same as before. Safe and uncreative.

What if:

– the dispenser wasn’t rectilinear? wasn’t a box?
– the beverage container wasn’t a can? or bottle? or plastic? After all, purpose is immediate gratification. Why the elaborate storage?
the beverage container was created in the machine? Filled w beverage? and edible? like a coconut.
– the dispenser was shaped like a tree? or a grape vine? Something Willy Wonka would design?
– if Marketing likes the billboard, won’t they love a trademark dispenser shape that’s not a box? A trademarked beverage shape, that’s not a can? A rebirth of opportunity akin to classic Coke bottle. The shape the world knows.

Any wonder I find the vinyl toy faux packaging (reLink) of interest? Any wonder Coca-Cola’s VirtualThirst competition catches my critical attention (reLink)?

Kind of a bummer though that WaterWerkz is sticking with a dispensing box when something much more compelling could be developed, but I suppose that’s also a safe move. Until someone else does it.

via Core77

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