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With all the corporate concern floating around that consumers will adversely impact their brand (some of it valid), there are times when the suits sitting in boardrooms should take a clue from some of the more inventive mashers out there… like urban vinyl artist Sket One. Via Vinyl Pulse comes notice of the Subcultures show (Link) which opened this evening and features five custom pieces of Sket’s blending toys with household items. Nicely done.

We could only wish all packaging was this much fun. But it’s far more important to shave a tenth of a penny off a blow-molded bottle so some CEO can have a golden parachute that includes a penthouse he may never use than making the everyday things that litter our lives less mundane. Isn’t it?

{Images source: Vinyl Pulse}

{Update: It appears this post has been picked up and is spreading around the net. I just want to point out that I’m well aware of the reasons why bottles are the way they are. As a product designer – especially one very familiar with high-volume plastic production – I’m all too versed in the practical reasons that go into choosing a bottle. However, I’m also aware that putting a few pennies into material, maybe adding some minimal tool action, and allowing designers to be a bit more creative can yield better returns than sticking an expensive and mostly-ignored television commercial in front of ad-resistant consumers who don’t really care what brand of commodity X they buy. It’s not like most people believe half the claims floating around out there anymore. Now put your product in a promotional container that people absolutely love, and you’ve got some relatively priceless buzz.

Of course, if executives sit around and say stuff like “We don’t know who buys this sh*t” – a phrase I actually heard once at a client meeting – then maybe more drastic changes are required within the company. But I suspect there are lots of white collar-types out there who are totally into their own branded commodity. The world in general may not understand that particular enthusiasm, but everyone likes the results of such happy dedication. How about letting it show a little? We could all use a little of that in this day and age.}

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