On Rebound and reTail

rebound book-handbag

I’m always surprised to see “re” in the names of businesses that fit the niche end of Anderson’s “Long Tail”. Yet they pop up everywhere. And when I find them it feels like a vindication for picking the name I did; reBang is really about remaking everything – from remaking/redesigning our world in cyberspace, to how that virtual world opens a feedback loop to the real world and influences it, and to how everything changes as a result (when I first came up with the name years ago I even did logo treatments that represented different industries/activities – hence the current underlined “B”; you’ll see what I mean soon enough). It’s very much a Long Tail kinda thought process – or more accurately, in line with the ecoToroid process I worked out.

Anyway, the above is an image from rebound design‘s books-to-bags collection. I love the idea. Perhaps because I have an affinity for old books (yes, even text books). And the business model – and especially this “Economy” bag – fits in well with this next bit.

While looking over del.icio.us last night, I luckily happened across someone entering a link to a slideshow given by Chris Anderson. You can watch his presentation here: link. What struck me was this slide:

Long Tail Forces

Wow. That looks a whole lot like the ecoToroid I’d worked out and have been talking about (see an earlier entry – reLink). I’ve been informed Anderson is aware of my work and I’m now curious if anything I’ve done has had an impact on his thinking (doubt it).

In any event, now I’d like to get Anderson to go 3D; and to discuss/consider market forces that propel a product to greater sales and distribution without additional Originator energy. To show what happens over Time.

{top: Image Copyright © rebound design; bottom: Image Copyright © Chris Anderson