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It appears long time industrial design advocate Bruce Nussbaum is going to be blogging. I’d post this over on Core, but there’s some kind of relationship forming between BW and Core so I’ll not interject. Besides, I’m on record as effectively saying Nussbaum sounds repetitive to me. But hey, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. And I certainly hope he’s right this time about the role of ID. But I also hope he has something new to say that solidifies those convictions and provides indisputable, abundant evidence of their validity. The last time ID was coming into its own corporations decided cheap goods from Asia trumped good design. So anyway, read along with me. Here’s the link.

Oh geeze. On first look it appears he’s jumping on the Claudia Kotchka bandwagon. Not a good sign to me given my previous issue with what I believe to be corporate hype (documented here) .

And he’s only now posting entries on the importance of Blogging (my mention of BW’s mention months ago – which was itself way overdue) and Storytelling (my post on the implications of Seth Godin’s entry on storytelling way back in May)?

This doesn’t bode well.