You Scramble My Arphid, Baby

Lots of interesting stuff in Bruce Sterling’s latest post (Link) re: the ongoing adventures of VeriChip Corporation’s efforts to use RFID chips to tag and track the world; maybe even the whole universe. Only they seem to have a few hurdles… like cloning, MRI’s and maybe some sloppy record-keeping. Anyone else noticing how this technology, most often associated with tracking simple stuff, is sounding more and more like something out of Logan’s Run?

Remember that post of mine from a ways back when I talked about being able to build a killswitch into virtual objects so that they simply vanish (Link – in case you don’t)? Well… uh… what’s stopping someone from illegally pirating/cloning these things and doing exactly that on real people using a time-released or remotely-administered poison? Forget spiked Kool-aid, life is a Carousel, old chum.