SLogle-Csven6Eyes A Success


Having succeeded on the Doom3 front (see earlier post – Link), I decided to return my attention to Second Life (at least until someone culls the UV map from the videostream). In particular I wanted to get the proper config settings for Second Life and I wanted to compare the geometry. I noticed earlier (Link) that my prim object was composed entirely of individual triangles. When capturing an avatar on the other hand, the triangles fell in line with what I’d expect: triangle meshes for Head, Hair, Torso, Legs and Eyes (the last floating off in space).

What I hadn’t done was capture an avatar – with prim attachments – in a custom pose (i.e. something other than the standard modeling “T” pose). As you can see above, that was pretty easily accomplished. So at this point I suppose I’ll work toward getting both the Sentry Bot and my avatar to go “solid” in Pro/ENGINEER.

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