Fragment of a Hologram Moss


This is pretty cool. Check out the video of Alexander McQueen’s fashion show over on (Link). While the show itself is both visually and musically interesting, the best part is near the end where Kate Moss (I guess that’s who it is) makes a virtual appearance courtesy of some holographic technology {Edit: see comments below for a discussion of the technique used}.

I’ve not seen mention of the tech on any of the regular tech sites I visit, but hopefully I’ll either stumble across mention of it or someone will provide a link. This reminds me of Bono’s 2005 TEDprize acceptance speech.

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6 thoughts on “Fragment of a Hologram Moss

  1. The tech is “Pepper’s Ghost” – a projection on a transparent plane set under an angle. Link

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ll admit to wondering how they were able to project what I thought was holographic imagery into the air.

    Bummer. I was hoping this was something to do with one of those new virtual projection systems.

    btw, where was the glass? I was looking for something, but didn’t see anything.

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  4. Some other articles mention a glass pyramid onto which Kate was projected. It must be that big one that you can see if you watch the earlier parts of the video. Parts of it are also visible, I think, on my screengrab.

    But I also wish it were a real “princess leah” type of tech.

  5. Cross-post miss.

    Thanks for the info on a glass pyramid. I’ll have to take another look.

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