The Immature Internet

From an Associated Press article being carried over on Yahoo! (Link):

South Korea is the world’s most wired country, boasting the highest per capita rate of broadband Internet connections. But there is a growing sense that high-tech prowess hasn’t been matched by the development of a mature online society, creating a growing problem of what is known here as “cyberviolence.”

Now, law enforcement and the government are taking action. Trying to prevent anonymous attacks, the government said in December it would require Web sites to confirm users’ real names before they can post.

Some Web sites are taking matters into their own hands, seeking to actively filter comments. South Korea’s Cyworld site, home to a hugely popular blog hosting service with 17 million registered members, has 115 employees who encourage proper Internet etiquette and another 20 monitoring for malicious remarks and slander.

Pretty sad commentary on how people can behave. And I don’t see this as being unique to South Korea.

For those wondering why I’m so vocal about issues like Trademark, this is a big reason why. This sort of behavior comes from a lack of respect for others and from an ignorance of how these things tie into our own welfare. To use a crude analogy: “If everyone pisses in the pool there won’t be much reason to swim in it”. Not a nice way to think about it, but it’s sufficiently graphic to get the point across.

Then again, the old saying is probably the best. “Treat others as you’d wish to be treated.”

Maybe we need to combine those two. Polite language doesn’t seem to resonate with people today.