Morphable Architectures


Picking up from where we left off (reLink), the Interactive Architecture blog has another entry, “Topotransegrity – Non-Linear Responsive Environments – Robert Neumayr” (Link), on morphing architectural structures. Very cool stuff.

When I look at the images, I can’t help but think that my most recent post discussing printed biological organs is related. Walking on a morphing structure must feel like walking on the heaving chest of a titan; a living, breathing thing.

Now imagine a structure not of pneumatically-controlled trusses, but of some biological mass, or maybe some material derived from the work being done at UT Dallas (reLink). Wicked.

You know, where else could you test something like this but in a virtual world where users are sufficiently immersed to make a proper judgement as to whether average people could stomach the ride… before they got on.

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