Pink Foam Virtual World Model


Some blog entries seem better with clever titles, and some just plain need to keep it simple and straightforward. If you’re an Industrial Designer, especially in the playground industry, you recognize the pink stuff: home insulation foam. Only this ain’t no toy.

Michael Frumin (the guy behind the OGLE capture tool inspired by my own videostream ripping) sent an email out to a few interested parties this morning with a link to the Recursive Instruments blog (Link), which is the source of the above image; a CNC’d section of the the Second Life virtual world. Check out the entire blog to follow along with Mike Beradino and Simon Spartalian in their “ongoing effort to export a digital environment into a physical space”.


But wait, there’s more…


After you’re finished with that, check out the entry discussing the “Leisurator” on the Interactive Architecture blog (Link). Then imagine what would happen if you mashed up a virtual world with an interactive space such that the environment was an assemblage of inter-communicating kirkyans and, as such, reactive and seemingly alive.

That sounds bizarre, but I have a few ideas for how something like that could be pretty fun. Perhaps another time.

{Top image source: Recursive Instruments; Bottom image source: Leisurator}