Adidas Reebok Strolls Into Second Life

This report is long in coming: shoe manufacturer Adidas Reebok has decided to give the Second Life virtual world a try. This one is bittersweet because as some of you know, last year I was talking with some of my contacts at Nike about doing this very same thing. I got so far as to receive an .stl mesh file of one of their products to generate textures for use in SL, but that’s all she wrote. You can bet I’ll be passing a link to the post over on 3pointD (Link) reporting this. And while I’m at it, I should send along another link to the Mass Customization blog which gets into the trends and opportunities of customizing shoes (Link). It doesn’t discuss transreality product, which has been on my mind since the first time I saw Quake back in the mid 90’s, but it doesn’t need to. The Nike iD-NBA 2k6 connection says it all afaic.