The Prim Aesthetic Legitimized


Anyone remember the above image? That was the one I used in a much earlier entry (reLink) in which I made this comment:

What I really like about the Scion here is that it’s so…. primitive…. as in 3D videogame or Second Life primitive.

At that time I realized that Scion was the best car brand for Second Life and virtual worlds in general. Not just because the geometry was so easily translated, but because the company itself is marketing smart. That’s why I’ve watched and posted other entries on them (like this one – reLink).

Well, turns out that Scion will be finding its way into Second Life courtesy of the SL group Millions of Us. As part of the news that’s coming out of the currect SLCC on the West Coast, 3pointD has posted an entry on the story. Check out the entry on 3pointD – Link.

I’ll enter more links below as I come across them.

Toyota Scion Enters Second Life
Adidas, Toyota come to Second Life

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