Someone At Scion Is Thinking


I may not always understand them, like when they reportedly refused to license their designs to be used in racing videogames, but the other things they do – the field work, so to speak – has my attention. And now they’ve gotten more of it.

The Vinyl Pulse website is reporting that the folks at Scion (probably working again with viral marketers from The Rebel Organization, Inc.) are enlisting urban artists to not just provide artwork for their 3rd installment of the Installation Art Tour as in their previous installments, but this time to provide artwork created on canvases of model Scions (shown above). From Vinyl Pulse’s post (Link):

This time around invited urban artists will be creating on very special canvases — 3 foot Scion tC replica cars produced by none other than Wheaty Wheat Studios. The show will make several stops around the country ending in LA at Scion’s permanent gallery.

What industrial designer doesn’t love the look of CNC’d yellow foam? How cool is that?

The only question I have is: what are all those other companies out there waiting for?

{Image sources: Vinyl Pulse and Scion}