The Steve Jobs Dilemma

The problem with Steve Jobs, from the traditional business person’s point of view, seems to be that he doesn’t fit neatly into some category allowing them to use left-brain methodologies to determine how it is that Apple manages – in spite of the odds – to succeed. He’s an anomaly. And his success must baffle the hell out of a lot of people.

With that in mind, here’s a link to another one of my LinkedIn answers on the Steve Jobs dilemma (Link). It’s a long response, so I’ll just include excerpts here.
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Virtual Goods… the Movie

This past summer I’d mentioned a summit on virtual goods and linked to a TechCrunch article related to the panel, “Are Virtual Goods the Next Big Business Model?” (reLink). A video of that discussion, chaired by Susan Wu of Charles River Ventures, was posted shortly after the panel, and while I managed to watch the first few introductory minutes of it, I neither finished watching it nor returned to it. Until now, that is, after a reminder from a post on The Meshverse Journal (Link).

Consider the above highly-recommended viewing.
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Product Development for Dummies

Okay, so I decided to take some time and respond to a LinkedIn question and whadaya know but there’s a 4000 word limit. I blew through that like hurricane Andrew. But rather than chop it apart or delete it (which I sometimes do when I go over such limits), I decided to post my full answer here. So here’s the question:

I have an idea about a new consumer product… basic design (size, color, material, etc).

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Manufacturers in Virtuality


Generally, I don’t follow the news of every company entering the virtual space. I just don’t care if Levi’s creates their own branded virtual world and, other than the advertising and marketing community, I don’t know who does (though I don’t doubt there are consumers out there who do care). Instead, I pay attention to those companies which might do something interesting on the product development side of things. That’s why Coca-Cola’s VirtualThirst competition was of interest, and it didn’t disappoint (reLink). It’s why Pontiac’s effort is more interesting to me than Mercedes’; one embraces the DIY/customization mindset while the other seemingly just wanted to push product. And even though it was very much a sales pitch, I couldn’t help but appreciate Dell’s fab-factory solution (reLink)
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Stupid Things and Smart Things


Usually when I surf through the CGTalk forum I see plenty of creativity when it comes to character design, but when it comes to products/objects what I find are mostly attempts to model real world designs. There are plenty of Mercedes this and Ferrari that, but relatively speaking very few original product designs. Thus it’s difficult to not appreciate Kadeg Boucher’s “stupid object #1 : Lawn Mower schumacher” (shown above). What a great piece. For more images, check out the thread on CGTalk (Link).
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