Susan Wu Talks Virtual Goods

Having recently surfed to a new post over on Susan Wu’s blog (Link) discussing the upcoming Virtual Goods Summit, I almost bypassed her contribution to today’s TechCrunch, “Virtual Goods: the next big business model” (Link), when I saw it mentioned by Raph Koster’s blog (thanks, Raph).

I’m not going to summarize it, extract anything from it, or otherwise give anyone reason to not read it, because it’s definitely worth reading. It’s also nice that it comes right after my post on the virtual aspects of currency and how reg’lar folk might start comin’ round (reLink). Well, a very few. Maybe. Anyway, trackback visitors might find that previous entry a worthwhile tangent.

One thing though… when you read Ms. Wu’s post, keep two things in mind: Experience and Reputation. No need to get into the “bits and atoms” stuff for now.