The Slow 2D-to-3D Convergence of Second Life

Second Life users have been itching for the expected seamless integration of the 2D internet with their 3D virtual world, but I’d venture it’s taking much longer than many expected. So far there has been discussion by Linden Lab (see earlier post on the uBrowser – reLink) and some interesting hacks (the most recent example of which I’m aware is the one by Amazonian Jeff Barr – Link), but nothing of what people really want: full, seamless, built-in, easy integration.

That said, 3pointD is reporting (Link) that Linden Lab is preparing to integrate webpages into user profiles. I have to admit feeling a little let down by this. It’s not like I look at profiles very much to start with, so this feels more like peering into someone’s private life than anything else. I don’t want to feel like an HP Chairman of the Board, y’know?

I think Mark Wallace may be correct in commenting that its biggest advantage might be to bloggers (like myself). There might be other advantages and I’m sure those will surface. We’ll just have to see how people integrate this new feature.

The only question I had was if links would work, and according to a comment on the Linden blog entry announcing this feature (Link), the answer to that is provided. “Yes, they will.”. That’s good. But in the meantime, I’m still waiting for the elusive web-on-a-prim.

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