Prims Out

Back in 2002 when I left corporate life to become my own boss, hoping to move into a combination of real and virtual design (even though something like Second Life hadn’t even yet popped up on the radar), I didn’t realize that metaversal consulting would so completely occupy my time as it does now; finding myself swamped to the point of my not being able to spend more time pursuing the things Second Life makes possible. And while of no legitimate importance to anyone else, those things are at least important to me. Consequently, after delivering an important batch of files last Friday, I spent some time surfing around to see what others have been doing to bridge the transreality gap and that led me to John Hurliman’s blog entry “Exporting Prim Data From Second Life” (Link). Needless to say his post resonated with me on several counts, so I’ll be keeping tabs on his progress. It would be great to have a two-way connection between Second Life and Blender.