Multiverse Open Beta Announced

This should be good news for lots of would-be virtual world developers. From the Multiverse developer forum (Link):

The Multiverse Open Beta platform release is now available. Register with the Multiverse Developer Program, and you will be able to access the downloads here:

I’ve been stopping in to the Multiverse forums on occasion lately hoping to catch that announcement, so for those who were also wondering when it would be made available, have at it. And if you’ve not registered, head there first – Registration Link.

3 thoughts on “Multiverse Open Beta Announced

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  3. Thanks for breaking the news. :) Here’s a caveat that I’ve been telling a few folks:

    Just to set expectations: this particular Multiverse open beta is geared mostly toward engineers. Non-engineers have built some very cool worlds in private beta, so I don’t want to discourage you, if you’re dying to dive in. But if you aren’t comfortable with command-line interfaces and hand-editing config files, you might want to wait for a more user-friendly beta. Otherwise, come one, come all.

    –Corey Bridges
    Exec Producer, Multiverse

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