Trimersion HMD on the Market


Anyone remember this – the Trimersion head-mounted display (reLink)? Well, seems it’s now available for purchase. At US $395 it’s certainly worth taking the time to read the reviews when they become available, but for now you can check out the gallery over on the 3001AD website (Link).

Sure seems like it bloated though, doesn’t it? Too bad this doesn’t look more like Johnny’s goggles – the geometric wraparounds. Always thought those were pretty nice.

{Image Copyright © 3001AD LLC, 2006}

4 thoughts on “Trimersion HMD on the Market

  1. I’d wait for the reviews. There’s one picture showing what appears to be an off-the-shelf volume control that has me wondering how many cost-cutting moves they made.

  2. Nice resource. Thanks, Jade.

    Was that link on the SL forums a while back? Thought I recall one on there. If not I might hunt that one up too.

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