Metalosis By Numbers


I’ve been feeling like I could use some off-the-wall inspiration, so coming across an entry on WMMNA about a short film called “Metalosis Maligna” (Link) was just what the doctor ordered. It’s not especially good, but it’s short, kinda quirky, and it reminded me of another flick I really like. So now I need to rent a copy of “Tetsuo, The Iron Man“. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen that crazy-ass flick.

{Update: By accident I came across the introduction to Tetsuo on iFilm. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with this movie, this might give you a sense of why so many people (including myself) find it so interesting. Enjoy… but fair warning. It’s not for the squeemish.

1 thought on “Metalosis By Numbers

  1. Oh man, Tetsuo. I forgot about that film. Has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Guess I’ll be hopping in the car and burning some fossil fuel to take temporary custody of another plastic disc :)

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