step 3: customer for life

I’d scanned too quickly over the news of Adidas’ new store on BW (Link), so it was the breakdown on the Mass Customization blog (Link) that got me looking for something like… well… the video above. I was most interested in finding what the Mass Custom blog mentioned in the following:

A large glossy, black cube is the focal point of the center. Here, customers can customize their own “mi adidas”, using now a larger flat-screen configurator to alter the details of the shoes by simply pointing a finger to the screen. Laser and infra-red technology then translate the gestures into commands.

That sounds somewhat like the customization system that Reebok (acquired by and now a part of Adidas) is using inside the Second Life virtual world (reLink). I suppose we should once again be on the lookout for a link between a virtual customization tool and a real one; to my knowledge, the Nike iD-NBA 2k6 one never materialized.