On Closer Inspection


I saw some images from a show titled “Closer: Commonwealth vs. Kenzo Minami” a week or so ago on a few different art & design websites and was sufficiently underwhelmed that I didn’t investigate further. A shame since I’ve had an interest in modularity since design school (we spent a whole semester doing nothing but working with modules) and in tiles since realizing some years ago that the ones used in videogames could be fabbed. In any event, while surfing through the Archinect site I found a gallery of images (Link) from the show that are much nicer than what I’d seen elsewhere.

Investigating further I made my way to the Maxalot site (they curated the show at the Epseis Gallery) and found some even nicer images (Link); especially nice because you can see the cutting paths on the forms. From the images it’s apparent that the tiles were most likely all CNC’d Renshape and not fabbed using an additive process like SLS or SLA, but they’re still cool.

This blurb from the Maxalot site was also of interest to me:

Presented by Maxalot, Commonwealth vs. is an invitational series where the brutality of architecture, and the insane precision found in the digital arts meet in a heated merger of influence, and technique.

Industrial modes of digital prototyping allow the results of these design amalgamations to be carried through to the final stages of production resulting in authentically digital material objects.

Y’know, I’m not sure what “authentically digital material objects” means.

{Image source: Maxalot}