An Uber-Mouse for Cyberspace


This is interesting. C|Net has a short piece (Link) announcing a new interface device: the “SpaceNavigator”. From the entry:

A new peripheral from Logitech subsidiary 3D Connexion gives users an additional tool for navigating 3D spaces. … The device was developed in conjunction with Google so that it can work natively with Google Earth.

Interesting that Google is involved in this. In any event, I stopped by the 3Dconnexion website product page (Link) and watched a short video (click on “Learn More”). Neat. But there’s something very familiar about this; I could swear I’ve used something like this somewhere. I just can’t recall when and where. However, it’s great that we’re finally starting to see some new interface solutions popping up, and at $49 it’s an easy stocking stuffer. But this now reminds me – what happened to the Novint Falcon device? Will have to find out.

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3 thoughts on “An Uber-Mouse for Cyberspace

  1. Interesting to see Logitech evolving these products to suit a wider audience. I won an early version of the Space Explorer as a door prize at a CATIA training session back in 2000. It was reportedly valued at over a thousand dollars, connected via serial port, and only worked with a small selection of programs, none of which I happened to be using at the time.

  2. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember where I’ve used something like this. Might have been an IDSA thing, though the only interface I recall trying at one of those is the Sensable device. Or it might have been something military-related. I’m getting old and can’t recall.

    So anyway, have you tried using it lately? I have to say, for the price, I’ll be buying one just for the interface design experience.

  3. I haven’t used it for a long time, as it got packed in a box somewhere around the time of my last move and hasn’t seen light of day since (as a matter of fact I just tried to dig it out to get the model number and couldn’t locate the thing).

    I found back in the day when I first tried it out a model in a program like formZ could be navigated just as quickly with preset views and keyboard shortcuts.

    But that was before the rise of realtime 3D apps, so needless to say the new device also has me very curious, especially for the price.

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