A Wii Evolutionary Step In Interfaces


I’ve been reading articles and blog entries about the Wiimote controller since it went on sale, thinking that I might have gotten a prediction right (reLink, and over on the Core forum – Link). Not only is the Wiimote getting some amazing attention, it’s crossed over to other platforms – as expected. And now, via a post on Wonderland, I’ve found that there’s even a Flickr pool just for pictures of people using the Wiimote (Link). I don’t recall the iPod getting this kind of attention when it was first released. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes (though I doubt it’ll reach iPod status; not enough wrapped up in it).

The above image seems to be a favorite and it’s the one I like best from the pool.

{Image Copyright ©2006 Michael T. Gilbert}

2 thoughts on “A Wii Evolutionary Step In Interfaces

  1. Even if the iPod got this much attention, it never looked like as much fun as the Wii does. That Flickr pool is great for showing more diversity in gamers than is typically expected.

  2. I went throughthe thumbnails of all those pictures and thought “Wow, look at the different kinds of people… and they’re mostly bowling!”

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