Highly Entertaining Custom Figures


BoingBoing has a post about a service allowing people to customize their own action figure (Link). That was okay, but what I thought was more cool was someone had sent in a link to a company that makes custom, one-of-kind action figures. That company is called Highly Flammable Toys (Link) and I recommend browsing through their gallery. Fun stuff. I had to pick one to show how nicely these are done and the image of Herbert Keppler‘s custom figure (shown above) caught my eye because of the words “with Multiple Exposure Action”. That’s something I doubt you’ll see on a mass-produced toy package any time soon.

No doubt it’s too late to get an order in for this Christmas, but you probably have a few weeks before orders fill for *next* Christmas. Personally, I hope they have to give rainchecks.

{Image Copyright ©2006 Highly Flammable Toys}