Revver Find: HorrorPops

I’ve mentioned Revver previously (reLink) and how I like the business model that allows content creators/owners to get something for their effort, well I was browsing through the site yesterday and stumbled upon an indie label band that I thought I’d share. The Copenhagen-based outfit, HorrorPops, who are signed to the Epitaph-spawned Hellcat Records, wraps up a number of sounds – from Siouxsie Sioux vocals to Stray Cats rockabilly – in a retro-goth package that reminds me of my visits to B-Ware Video back when I lived in Cleveland.

Watch the above music video for “Misstake”. Please. And be sure to watch it all the way through. Right now it’s registering five views since 01 Dec. This deserves much, much more attention. I’d take this over anything being shoved down our collective throats by the majors (see my earlier rant – reLink). HorrorPops deserves more support than what it appears to be getting.

And out of curiousity, if you watch it, drop a quick note in comments. Thanks. And also, does anyone know what relationship YouTube has with Revver? Take a look at where the cursor is pointing when it hovers over the “play” arrow after you play it and refresh the page {Note: It happened once, but I can’t replicate it. Odd}.

3 thoughts on “Revver Find: HorrorPops

  1. The Horrorpops played live here in Velcro City (aka Portsmouth UK) a year or so ago – great band, retro rockabilly stylings plus foxy vocalist. A combination that works well, we think! :)

  2. Y’know, I was hoping to find a more direct way to buy one of their CD’s but can’t find one (I’m getting returns from the more major distribution channels after having searched their site, their MySpace page, and the label pages). It’s a shame that Hellcat/Epitaph aren’t set up more like Sister Machine Gun’s Positron Records (which I’d not surfed through in over a year and see it continuing to grow).

  3. Looks like maybe people just don’t care if the music they listen to in the future is any good, so supporting the independent-minded artists doesn’t matter to them. As AA previously said, people don’t care, so no real surprise here.

    Shutting down comments for this one.

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