Multiverse’s Bridges Talks Marketplace

Happened to surf through Matt Mihaly’s blog and caught an interview with Multiverse co-founder Corey Bridges (Link) that’s very much worth a read. A few excerpts to whet your appetite:

We figured that the best way to lessen the cost of content to developers is to increase the supply. Specifically, we intend to enable 3D modelers to sell their services (and indeed, their pre-created content, if they wish) to indie dev teams.

The problem for an indie developer, though, in buying something from TurboSquid, is that they search for, say, “fantasy house”, and they get back a couple hundred responses. But then they find that nope, this one is the wrong polygon-count; nope, that one is built with the wrong tool. But in the Multiverse Developer Marketplace, all the assets will already work with the Multiverse platform.

We’ll also have at least one virtual world that functions as a hub–The Nexus we’ll call it–for finding other worlds. You can meet your friends there, and talk to an NPC who asks you what sort of experience you’d like. It will eventually point you through a portal. Jump your avatar through the portal, and you’ll go to that particular game. Part of the “long tail” notion is not just the democratization of creation, but also the democratization of distribution. I launched Netflix, so on a professional level, I have worked through this sort of issue before.

Nice interview.