Google Earth Games & Emotions


Nice article on Gamasutra (Link) discussing an Intel team’s attempts to turn Google Earth into a videogame called “Mars Sucks”. This is one of those things that I imagine a lot of people are interested in seeing develop, along with multi-user/player interactivity. The question that comes to my mind is: with all that gaming horsepower in their corporate stable, what is Microsoft intending to do with Virtual Earth (besides billboards)? Sometimes they don’t seem to be following the Metaverse Plan (reLink).

The article includes links to the sourcecode for those interested in replicating their work and perhaps building on it.

And while you’re there, check out another article, “Researchers: Deeper Emotions Keep Gamers Playing” (Link). From that piece:

The research found that games can provide opportunities for achievement, freedom, and even a connection to other players. Those benefits trumped a shallow sense of fun, which doesn’t keep players as interested.

“We think there’s a deeper theory than the fun of playing,” says Richard M. Ryan, a motivational psychologist at the University and lead investigator in the four new studies about gaming.

Sounds similar to something I recently said about virtual worlds (reLink). I suspect that bit of research will get some review.

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{Image source: Gamasutra}