“Design Is The New Advertising”

The above quote by Marc Gobé, head of Desgrippes Gobé Group New York, comes courtesy of Brand Noise’s interview (Link). Here are a couple of clips I’ll be keeping for future reference:

Design is the new advertising. The agencies should fold, they’re out of line and out of touch. The only advertising that works is about product that you’re drawn to any way.

Designers will be the first to criticize design. There’s too much design they say. But don’t they want to work. Seriously though, design is evolutive. Good design always will be differentiated.

What great timing (/sarcasm). Over the past couple of years I’ve been talking rather emphatically to other designers and writing somewhat passionately on this blog (e.g. “Miscues In A Vacuum” – reLink) about advertising and how it and Industrial Design are intertwined, but without much success I’m afraid. Not even senior designers seem to understand or care why I’m talking about advertising. Consequently, as recently mentioned, I’m toning that down a bit. Fortunately I don’t have to do the talking this time, so I’m thinking this post is entirely in the clear.