Lucas Arts To Deliver Mass Properties

Here’s something I hadn’t previously seen: a demo from GDC 2006 showing off Lucas Arts’ new game technologies. Shown in this video is a material properties system dubbed DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) that’s very impressive. Imagine being able to not just export a CAD mesh and load it into a videogame, but provide its mass properties as well.

Only reason I found that video was because people are talking about what I assume is a new Euphoria video showcasing more of the biomechanical AI shown above. If you want to watch it, head over to YouTube for the Star Wars: Force Unleashed video that showcases it – Link.

7 thoughts on “Lucas Arts To Deliver Mass Properties

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  2. If I wasn’t on a real product design kick right now, I would most definitely have written more about the animation/character behavior system shown in that second video. It is amazing.

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  4. Oh yeah we did this in Second Life during beta. No wait, that was something else! xD

    All kidding aside, wow, just beautiful. I’d love to see haptic input devices and that technology combined… makes that surgery game I got on the Wii a bit more cool + creepy at the same time.

  5. Surgical games. Hadn’t even thought of those. Haptics, a scalpel and some virtual human body parts. Welcome to Hannibal Lector’s Halo. Gibs will never be the same.

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