Deadline to a New Reality


Wired is carrying an article, “Your Face, Immortalized”, (Link) along with some associated images (Link) that are a nice follow-up to my recent posts on 3D scanning, data repair, and fabbing (reLink 1, reLink 2). The above image is from the Breuckmann GmbH website (Link) and shows one of the other scanning devices they offer (this one reminds me of Tatopoulos’ creature design from “Pitch Black“); different than the one’s discussed in the article and only one of several.

Most startling to me is that the Wired article mentions prices that seem extraordinarily high in light of recent announcements. That may or may not be the case as those new devices haven’t yet hit the market so there’s little end user feedback on them. They may not be worth the money and represent an oscillation overshoot in the effort to hit the right combination of product and pricepoint for a new market. Even so, there’s little doubt prices will come down as quality improves… just like most everything else. The real issue is time. How long before people start scanning the things they buy, uploading the 3D data, “sharing” designs, and printing out their own product?

{Image Copyright (c) Breuckmann GmbH}

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