Marine Design and Simulation

The above video is from the forthcoming videogame “Ship Simulator 2007”. It looks to me more like an excellent opportunity to throw some yacht designs into a beautiful simulation. And if developer VSTEP provides an SDK, I’ll probably do just that once the game is released.

In the meantime, while checking out the developer’s forum I came across something I’d like to post here, because I suspect they could use a little help getting the word out. From the Ship Simulator 2006 forum post (Link):

It takes us quite some effort to add a new ship that looks and moves in a realistic way. Many people are asking us also for very specific ships.
We are actively approaching shipping related companies, to raise their interest in sponsoring one of the ships of their fleet.
Also, harbour authorities can sponsor their habour, so we can add it to the game.

But apart from us as developers asking for this, we would like to ask you, as users of our game, if you work in the shipping industry, to approach the marketing and PR managers of your company with the same question. You are in a better position to convince them of the benefits than us!

Some benefits you can mention:

> Get under the attention of at least 100,000 people all over the World, who are all interested in ships and the shipping industry. Useful for e.g. recruitment, or for promotion of your new ship designs.
> provide an easy way of familiarizing seafarers with the ships of your fleet, and the way they are steered (e.g. with pods?)

Interested people can contact met at .
Thanks for your help!

via Blue’s News