Gehry’s Digital Project Exhibition

Arcspace discusses/reviews (Link) a Frank Gehry installation at the Danish Architecture Centre. Of interest is the emphasis on the use of 3D applications to create and to collaborate on the famous architect’s curvateous designs; from digitizing models to structural engineering to client review. From the piece:

Digital Project [Suite], a new software that is simpler, more usable, and able to interface with other systems, was developed by Gehry Technologies to disseminate his Catia enabled design and construction methodologies to the rest of the world.

Be sure to watch the short Quicktime video at the bottom. Its explains the tool they developed and includes comments by Mr. Gehry.

Meanwhile there’s been some related discussion surrounding the announcement of Qwaq’s new Croquet-based “virtual workspace” (a phrase I consider rather meaningless at this point). Qwaq claims to offer an “enterprise” solution, so it doesn’t sound as if anything they’re doing will be of benefit to me. However, I think someone will come along and offer something that everyone can use. After all, video conferencing was once the space age tool of golden-parachuted CEO’s, and highend computer graphics was once only used to train fighter pilots. It’ll trickle down. And when it does, I won’t be designing virtual cube farms.